Innovative healthcare solutions,
empowered by Iftest medical electronics

Iftest’s medical electronics are found in many applications in the medical technology of today: from large-scale laboratory equipment for proton therapy in oncology, through surgical bone drills and heart pumps in intensive care units, to medical devices used in ophthalmology and the dental sector. These manufacturers of precision medical technology all place their trust in Iftest’s electronics engineering and manufacturing expertise. Iftest’s medical electronics products are also used in ultra-high-precision drug delivery systems that employ high-precision pumps. Last but not least, Iftest electronics is increasingly being designed into new solutions in the field of connected healthcare solutions and wearable devices.

Quality matters

Compromising on product quality is not an option in the healthcare sector. Certified Iftest processes for product development and volume production meet EU directives for medical products and the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) in the USA. At Iftest, systematic qualification and validation of processes and the continuous risk management (as is required for medical products) are part of the company’s day-to-day operational processes.

Connected Healthcare and Wearable Devices

The systematic measurement of physiologically relevant data and the secure data transfer between patients, physicians and hospitals creates new opportunities for the entire patient care and health administration. Wearable devices are an important building block for this new development. They are being carried on the body and record physiologically relevant data in order to communicate them wireless. Iftest published an exciting factsheet about this theme. Based on trends in healthcare, new innovation opportunities are being shown. In addition, Iftest’s broad competencies and skill sets are being introduced. From contract development project, new product introduction all the way to volume manufacturing of wearable electronics and assemblies.

Download Factsheet Connected Healthcare