Wettingen, Switzerland

From the development of electronic devices to rapid prototyping

The development team consists of around 20 people and is located at the headquarters in Wettingen, approximately 20 kilometres from Zurich. This is where the innovative electronic components and devices – including all the relevant embedded software – are developed. Industrialisation is an important task for the development team, as it involves the introduction of newly developed electronic components and devices to the volume production process. Many customers rely on Iftest’s expertise in taking the first functional prototype of a recently developed product through a design optimisation process in order to achieve maximum cost-effectiveness and quality. This is an integral part of the new product introduction process and facilitates the seamless transfer to volume production.


Quality and cost-effectiveness through highly automated manufacturing and first-class process engineering

The production facility in Wettingen is based on cutting-edge, highly automated production lines for SMT and THT assembly as well as comprehensive optical and electrical quality inspections. Dedicated production lines for instrument engineering assemble electronic components, cable harnesses and mechanical components to form complete components and devices.

ISO Certificate 14001/9001

ISO Certificate 13485

Jaklovce, Slovakia

The Jaklovce site in Slovakia is located approximately 55 kilometres from the international airport in Košice. The company operates under the name QESS s.r.o. and is a full subsidiary of Iftest AG. QESS was integrated into Iftest in 2013. From an initial team of 20, the company now employs over 150 members of staff. QESS is exclusively a production location for the volume production of PCB assemblies (SMT and THT assembly), cable harnesses, module and device assemblies. Supported by Swiss expertise for key manufacturing processes, the Jaklovce site carries out highly automated processes for the assembly of electronic components. The second site on the Iftest AG roster has the benefit of high cost-effectiveness through predominantly manual operations, such as preparing cable harnesses and assembling components and devices. QESS is one of the few electronics service providers in Eastern Europe which is ISO 13485 certified.


ISO Certificate 9001

ISO Certificate 13485


Find out more: www.qess.sk