We aim to inspire our customers in the medical technology and industrial sectors through our superb electronic solutions. Expert, agile and collaborative: we develop and manufacture high-quality products and ensure that they are ready to be launched on the market without delay.


Iftest is the preferred partner for high-quality, innovative electronic solutions and devices. We provide comprehensive advice – from initial product concepts to volume production – and help to establish a superior market position for our customers through our first-class development and production services.



We generate trust through honest and open communication with our customers, partners and colleagues. Integrity, loyalty and respect are the cornerstones of our daily business.

Extremely high standards

Iftest is synonymous with expertise and extremely high standards in terms of technology, reliability and quality as well as adherence to regulatory requirements.


Our colleagues and teams are proactive, flexible and quick-thinking. They have intelligent ideas and a targeted approach to identifying competitive benefits for our customers and taking them to the next level.