Iftest display and control module

Many applications in industry and medtech require a display and control module which meets highest standards of quality and robustness. A decisive criteria for many many customers is the possibility to achieve a fast time-to-market.

A fast time-to-market is favored if prototypes are made available quickly. This is enabled if the development of different work streams can be accomplished in parallel and prototypes for functional tests during the development project can be made available fast.

Iftest developed a platform technology with an architecture which can accomodate most of these requirements. The new Iftest display and control module is designed with the following features:

  • Parallel development of GUI, hardware and software feasible
  • The GUI is hardware independent and therefore allows agile development methods
  • Modular design of system
  • Baseboard design: interfaces can be defined individually based on customer needs
  • Com module is pluggable

Customer benefits

Time to market

The architecture allows parallel development of GUI, hardware and software. This enables an accelerated development process. Through fast prototyping, based on close proximity to serial manufacturing under the same roof, functional models are made available quickly to customers for functional testing internally. All those aspects support a fast market entry.

Cost efficiency

The main cost driver of a project are the develpoment cost. These cost are determined by project duration. The new display and control module helps to reduce cost based on an accelerated market entry. Cost efficiency is further optimized due to the fact that a substantial part of the module consists of commercially available standard components.


Specific requirement with respect to design, layout, look and feel, connectivity, robustness and safety features can be accomodated well with the new Iftest display and control module. Display size and resolution, touch and front material (glass, foil) can be selected freely based on customer need and intended use.

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FS 20 EN Display and control module

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