SMT and THT PCB assembly – the heart of Electronics Manufacturing Services

In order to guarantee customers maximum flexibility, process safety and cost efficiency, Iftest continually invests in the further development of its PCB assembly. This is at the heart of the company’s Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS). In order to increase capacity and efficiency, identical processes are operated at both manufacturing locations in Switzerland and Slovakia, wherever this is possible and reasonable.

SMT assembly

Two SMT lines in Switzerland allow parallel manufacture of prototypes and volume production. Two production lines at the site in Slovakia provide further capacity for SMT assembly. In total, more than 150 million SMD components are processed every year.

Technical data:

  • 01005, μBGA, CSP, QPN, fine pitch 300 μm
  • processing of flexible and rigid printed circuit boards
  • assembly capacity of up to 55,000 components per hour and line
  • reflow soldering under continuous nitrogen atmosphere


THT assembly

Iftest operates two identical wave soldering machines, purchased in 2017, for THT assembly in Switzerland and Slovakia. The plan is to further extend production capacities in this area. The use of identical machines at both locations generates efficiency gains when transferring products between sites.

Technical data:

  • optionally lead or lead-free processes available
  • production lines based on LEAN concept
  • soldering process under continuous nitrogen atmosphere


Process control

For quality control of SMT assembly processes, Iftest carries out 100 % inspections using the latest generation (3D) Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) technology. A fully automated handling system enables a cost-efficient quality assurance process.


Precision milling

Iftest ensures that exposure to mechanical stress during the separation process is kept to a minimum by means of an optimised and highly automated precision milling process. The customised tools required for this are developed in-house and enable a separation accuracy of +/- 50 microns.

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