Optimal quality and cost efficiency due to expert know-how in test engineering

The development of an optimum testing strategy is decisive in achieving defined quality targets with maximum cost efficiency. Due to its origins as an engineering company for the development of testing equipment, Iftest can draw on its comprehensive expertise in this important process step. This expert knowledge in test engineering ensures that highest reliability standards are met.

3D Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

The 3D AOI system automatically detects missing components, misalignment and rotation, incorrect polarity and soldering errors with extremely high accuracy. An autonomous process operation with minimum handling requirements leads to optimum cost-efficiency in this decisive quality assurance process.

The latest generation of fully automated 3D AOI systems is now in use. It uses the principle of optical triangulation. The AOI system used at Iftest utilises projected stripe patterns. This involves 40 images per circuit board position being captured and assessed extremely quickly.

For quality control of SMT assembly processes, Iftest carries out 100% inspection using the 3D AOI system. A fully automated handling system enables a cost-efficient quality assurance process.

Functional testing

Sub-assemblies, modules and devices can be functionally tested using specific test equipment if required by the customer. These tests can include electrical, optical or acoustic functionality control and verification of wireless communications characteristics.

In-circuit testing

An In-Circuit Test (ICT) procedure – either with a needle adaptor or a flying probe test system – can check the electrical characteristics of individual components or the entire circuit board. Depending on test specifications, this is carried out with random sampling or 100 % inspection.

X-ray testing

X-ray testing with a resolution to one micron is used on both golden devices and random sample inspections. In addition, it is also used in error analysis and verification of subsequent corrective actions.

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