Safe, high-quality products – optical and electrical testing systems

Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)

To be able to meet ever-increasing customer demand for miniaturisation and complexity in component geometry, the AOI process was developed as an essential part of the Iftest production process. The latest generation of fully automated 3D AOI systems is now in use. It uses the principle of optical triangulation. The AOI system used at Iftest utilises projected stripe patterns. This involves 40 images per circuit board position being captured and assessed extremely quickly.

Customer-specific electrical testing

Electrical quality control is another of Iftest’s key areas of expertise. The test concepts are developed in accordance with customer requirements depending on the required extent of testing and the test specifications, regulations and processes. A team of highly qualified engineers is responsible for this process. They design these complex electrical testing systems and develop and implement the relevant automated testing programs. The use of customer-specific testing systems as well as standard testing systems (flying probe tests or ICT/FCT test systems) enable us to ensure that individual, 100% reliable tests are carried out on all measured electrical quantities that are relevant to product quality.