11. Dezember 2018
QESS successfully recertified

The recertification of the Iftest subsidiary, QESS, once again confirmed its commitment to high-quality standards. The recertification was carried out by the Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS), and certifies the company to ISO standard 9001 (quality management systems) and ISO 13485 (medical devices).

Iftest has been impressing customers with its high quality, cost efficiency and true customer focus for more than 35 years. In 2013, the company founded an additional manufacturing site in Eastern Europe. In Jaklovce, Slovakia (around 35 kilometres from Košice), QESS produces electronic assemblies and modules that meet the highest standards. The certification for ISO standards ISO 9001:2015 and EN ISO 13485:2016 was successfully carried out in October 2018. The quality policy at QESS continues to represent an uncompromising commitment to quality, optimal product-performance and reliability.

About QESS: high-quality standards for PCB and electronic module assemblies

The Iftest subsidiary is exclusively a production site that specialises in manufacturing electronic boards (SMT and THT assembly), cable harnesses as well as electronic modules and devices. Highly automated production processes are used for PCB assembly, and are supported by Iftest’s process engineering team in Switzerland. Cost-efficient manual assembly processes on the module and device level complement the company’s range of services. Hence, Iftest is able to offer an attractive cost position even for small and medium-sized batches. Larger projects for new product introduction (NPI) are managed by the NPI team in Switzerland.

ISO 13485 certification important for medtech customers

The company is one of very few electronics manufacturers in Eastern Europe to be certified to ISO 13485. QESS has substantial experience in the production of electronic assemblies and modules for customers in the field of medical technology. The high standards that the company sets for its own services and the high level of customer satisfaction have led to a growth in the workforce of 20 employees in 2013 to 85 employees today.

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