We help to create ready to launch products from your ideas – consulting from product concept to serial production

How do we do it? Are you looking for a manufacturing service provider to help you develop your product? Iftest is the right partner for you if you are looking to convert an initial functional sample from a development project into a product that is ready for volume production. During this phase, you have to decide how to mass produce your product in a reliable, sustainable and cost-effective manner. Why not leave the technical challenges involving the launch of your product to an expert partner you can rely on? That gives you the time and space you need to concentrate fully on the market launch.

To achieve the level of success you are planning on in the market, we place particular emphasis on excellent product design in the industrialisation of flat electronic components, systems and devices. We provide you with comprehensive advice on all relevant design criteria and requirements. The professional PCB design developed by one of our experts is especially important.

The benefit here is that you receive prototypes of your product for functional, verification and validation testing. You can rest assured that all applicable regulatory requirements and approval standards have been met and your product has a reliable, quick and cost-effective route to market.