Fast prototyping as basis for timely market launch of your new product

Prototyping with dedicated line and team

Time is money. Quality as well. In order to achieve a timely market entry, Iftest offers a fast prototyping services. Part of this offering is the development of an optimised PCB design. For the prototype manufacturing, Iftest allocates dedicated capacity on SMT and THT production lines. Furthermore, a dedicated team is managing the prototyping project end to end in close collaboration with customers.

Prototype manufacturing under production conditions

Prototype manufacturing is accomplished under real manufacturing conditions on actual production equipment. All prototypes are comprehensively tested prior to shipment. At the end of a prototyping project, test results are summarised in a respective report and provided to customers. This enables customers to considerably save time and cost during this project phase.

Test engineering as important part of NPI process

A vital part of the NPI process is the development of test devices and test strategy. Due to its origin as an engineering company for the development of testing equipment, Iftest can draw on its comprehensive expertise in this important process step. This expert knowledge in test engineering ensures that highest reliability standards are met.

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