Making innovation work – the Iftest NPI process

Maximising product opportunities and minimising risks in new product launches: Iftest has continued to develop its New Product Introduction (NPI) process. This systematic approach to new product introduction guarantees that all production-related criteria for the product are met right from the start.

These include:

  • Design for manufacturing: ensuring that your product is suitable for volume production and has an adequate process safety margin.


  • Design for testing: The NPI process guarantees that all the quality parameters that are important to you can be tested; it also provides the opportunity to develop and build all the required electrical testing equipment.


  • Design for logistics: All logistical considerations are evaluated by Iftest and optimised to provide a smooth supply chain from A to Z.


  • Design for cost: Design has a significant influence on production costs. As part of the NPI process, we optimise the design, so that you can count on the most cost-effective solution at the highest quality.