NPI process – how to streamline the transition from functional model to serial production

Design for excellence

Iftest optimises every product as part of the NPI process with respect to cost efficiency (Design to cost), quality through suitable test equipment and strategy (Design for testability) and manufacturability (Design for manufacturing) by closely following Design for excellence guidelines. Specifically these include:

  • Design to cost: design has a significant influence on manufacturing costs. As part of the NPI process, Iftest optimises the design in order to attain the most cost-effective solution at the highest quality level.
  • Design for testability:  the NPI process guarantees that all relevant quality parameters that are relevant for the customer’s application and use case can be tested. As an important part it also provides the opportunity to develop and build all the required electrical testing equipment
  • Design for manufacturing: ensuring that a new product is suitable for volume production and has adequate process safety margins
  • Design for logistics: all logistical considerations are evaluated by Iftest and optimised to provide a smooth supply chain for the new product


The foundation: PCB design

All design for excellence criteria are being considered during the PCB design phase. In particular, testing strategy requirements need to be considered as well as all relevant manufacturing aspects. In depth know-how of manufacturing processes including specific process windows are important parts that need to be reflected as part of the PCB design.



Fast prototyping under production conditions is essential during the NPI process. It allows customers to receive functional prototypes for verification and validation testing as well as to incorporate test feedback in a timely manner for further product optimisation. Fast prototyping serves the purpose of fast achieving a faster market entry for new products.


Test engineering

Test engineering plays an important role during the NPI process. Iftest offers a range of testing equipment and services in order to secure maximum product quality, reliability and cost efficiency:

  • 3D Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • In-circuit testing (ICT)
  • Functional testing
  • X-ray testing
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