Professional PCB design for a broad range of applications and use cases

Iftest has more than 100 man-years of experience in PCB design. Comprehensive manufacturing technology expertise is also essential in realising complex layouts. This forms the basis for subsequent cost-effective manufacturing of high quality products.

Outsourcing of PCB design allows customers to focus on their core competencies

Many times customers leverage Iftest know-how for printed circuit board design in order to focus their internal ressources on core competencies such as product development.

Use Cases medtech, energy (grid), smartwatch, starrflex and flex applications

  • Use case medtech
    Many medetech products require fast data processing. A high speed design needs to be developed for such products. Many times this requires a large layer stack-up. Impedance, reference face, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), radiation safety requirements lead to a limited selection of components. Furthermore,  the option to autoclave the finally assembled product as well as conformity with respect to regulatory guidelines such as ISO 13485 are further important requirements that affect product design in the medtech use case.
  • Use case energy (grid)
    For products used for energy (grid) applications, a design must take into account specific challenges when dealing with high electrical voltages and currents. This results in specific requirements for insulation distances, product safety, environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and wireless data communication (GSM, Bluetooth etc.)
  • Use case smartwatch
    The challenges for smartwatches include a degree of miniaturization in all three dimensions. In addition, low mechanical tolerances need to be met that come from the watchmaking industry. Furthermore, large quantities up to >100’000 per year are required. The development of a PCB design needs to be well aligned with the manufacturing process. The solution for smartwatch electronics consists in a product design which is optimised in terms of cost efficiency by developing a novel manufacturing process.
  • Use case starrflex and flex applications
    For starrflex and flex applications also a high level of miniaturization and production quantities are required. The design goal is to pack as much functionality as possible into a small volume. Interconnectors as well as wiring shall be minimised. As a result, a printed circuit board design is developed that is optimised in terms of compactness.


Expert advice: what makes a good PCB design

A good design is created by taking into account the following important criteria:

  • Temperature range, humidity, vibrations and meeting electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) guidelines as well as all other regulatory requirements
  • Planning and execution of a FMEA = Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
  • Optimisation of product concept in terms of design for manufacturing, design to cost etc.
  • Lifecycle management: securing component availability over the entire product lifecycle of electronic assembly
  • Design for logistics: storage, handling and transport of electronic assembly


Fast prototyping

After finalising PCB design, rapid prototype manufacturing is an essential element in every industrialisation project. Fast prototyping allows customers to quickly carry out verification and validation testing. Iftest specialises in rapid and efficient prototyping through its in-house dedicated prototyping manufacturing line and team.

Learn more about fast prototyping services from Iftest

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